Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Baby Shower

It is only befitting that I start my very first post talking about newborn babies.

Remember the Sex and the City episode, "The Right to Shoes", where Carrie complains about them single gals spending too much money on wedding and baby shower gifts? Well, I am in that same predicament right now. On the one hand, I am thankful that most of my friends are now married but on the other hand, they are now at the stage of having their first or second babies so it has been quite the Baby Shower-palooza!

But don't get me wrong.  First of all I am married so I have received my share of presents and second, I love giving gifts myself!  So for the past couple of weeks, I have been hoarding gifts for, in no particular order, Baby Lucas, Baby Elias, Baby Jack, Baby Alex, Baby Nikita, Baby James (yes, Sweet Baby James) and probably a couple more -- I forget!

If you find yourself in the same situation (needing baby stuff with no baby of your own), do not despair.  There are loads of wonderful baby stores you can visit and get lost in -- baby or no baby!

My favorite of course is the French Clothing Label, Petit Bateau (, known for their their classic, comfy and practical designs. 

Another favorite is The Little White Company (  Not only do they have the cutest clothes and softest stuffed plush animals but their gift packaging is also just as adorable!  (Okay, this photo does not do it any justice).

And if you lack the time (but have a portered building), just shop online! No Added Sugar ( and Snuglo ( are my absolute favorites with their more edgy range of baby t-shirts and playsuits (yes, I just juxtaposed the words "edgy" and "baby").  I have shopped from these online retailers before and their quality, service, and again packaging, are excellent.

Pixie Hat from No Added Sugar (£12.00).

Lock Up Your Daughters Playsuit from No Added Sugar (£28.00).

Pirate Long-Sleeve T-Shirt from No Added Sugar (£22.00).

By the way, No Added Sugar products arrive in the post in these cute but sturdy little white boxes that are easy enough to wrap or pop into a gift bag.

Cute as a Button Playsuit from Snuglo (£18.95)

Bedtime Sucks Playsuit from Snuglo (£18.95)

And who can resist these adorable baby shoes from Inch Blue (  My personal favorite are these iconic Union Jack shoes from their World Cup Range (£17.00).

But they do have other adorable designs -- all at £17.00.

The shoes arrive in the post in these sturdy see-through plastic bags perfect for gift-giving!